I’ve been a resume writer since 2008. People always asked me to review their resumes and give them feedback. I’d get out my red pen, mark up the paper, and give it back to them with my thoughts. Then, one day, someone asked me how much I would charge to fix her resume. I had NO IDEA. I fixed her resume and she bought me dinner–it was a win-win!

It was then I realized that I could make a living doing something I loved…helping people gain confidence in their job search through a well-written resume and cover letter. Who knew I could actually get paid to write?! What a concept. 

My favorite part of my job is when one of my clients says that they look so good on paper that they would hire themselves. That’s the goal. Once you have that confidence, your job search becomes a whole lot easier.

When I’m not writing resumes, you might find me helping my son with his pigs, tending to my chickens, riding our John Deere Gator, snowmobiling, or working on our maple syrup operation. 

Certified Professional Resume Writer, unofficial job searching cheerleader, and chicken mom

Hello! I’m Heather - Your Resume Writer!

My favorite color is 


My best vacation


I can't have my food touch (divided plates are my BFF)

My favorite

taco dip

I have my name plate from my first job as a bank teller 

My nickname in school was Heather Feather

 If I can make a report longer
than requested,
I’d do it
(I love to write)

I am very picky about pens and still handwrite a LOT of things

fun facts

Send it to me and I will let you know. 

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