You were nervous and edgy during the few days prior to that job interview. However, they liked your resume, you connected with both interviewers during the hour-long process, and you feel like the interview went well. Now what? Do you just wait for the phone call letting you know that they can’t function without you? Or, do you wait for the email that tells you they have found a better candidate? The answer is NO to both questions. In my opinion, there are three key steps to take after a job interview.

#1 – Follow up. Following up (in life and in business) is the key to success. You think it went well? You thought of something else that you could have mentioned? You really hit it off with the interviewer? Send a thank you card.

While email is great—it’s efficient—a handwritten thank you card is a classy way to show that you are thankful for the interview. Send this the day after your interview. That will ensure that the recipient receives it within a few days and once again puts your name at the top of the pile.

If you aren’t sure what to mention, think of how you align with the potential position and mention something specific from the interview. And, if you were interviewed by more than one person, be sure to send each interviewer his/her own thank you card.

#2 – Continue to search. While this may be your dream job, you also need to realize that there may be another candidate that is more suited for the role. They most likely didn’t interview you and then call the rest of the interviewees to cancel their scheduled times. And—neither should you. Sometimes you don’t know the potential merits of working with an organization until after you have met the people that work there, toured the facility, and really conversed with your potential co-workers.

One last tip – think of each job interview as an opportunity to hone your message. While there are few people that want to be professional interviewees, the truth is that the more you do it, the better you will become. In fact, most people get really nervous prior to a job interview. However, if you are able to craft a dynamic elevator pitch, understand your strengths, and create positive responses, you will be even better prepared for the next interview.

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