If it’s time to update your resume, you probably have several thoughts that include worrying about WHAT information to include, WHERE to draw the line when it comes to experience, and HOW to decide relevance versus quantity of information. By making sure you are asking yourself the right questions, you can also ensure the RIGHT information is included in your updated document.


#1 – What do you WANT to do? It’s important that you have a focus to your future career goals and examples of possible job opportunities. Knowing what you want to do and what you don’t want to do is vital to your job search.


#2 – What are your top two or three strengths? As you prepare for the job search and upcoming interviews, you need to start thinking about your strengths. What sets you apart from other candidates? Do you have exceptional communication skills? Do you know how to balance multiple projects and priorities? Are you able to gain consensus from the team? Use those skill-sets in your strengths area of your resume and in your career summary.


#3 – What has been your favorite job? Most of the time, identifying your favorite job will tell you what your skills are, what sets you apart, and how you make a difference. Think about how this job made you feel, if you liked the people you worked with, or how you made a difference. This (most likely) will help you shape your future roles.


#4 – What is relevant? This is probably the most challenging question…while all of it may seem important, not all of it is relevant. For the most part, only the last 10-15 years of experience is RELEVANT. Now, I used to (25+ years ago) clean hotel rooms…that’s not recent work history at all. BUT, if I was applying to any sort of position within a hotel (even as a hotel manager), I would include that information because it’s RELEVANT.


Making a new resume is both an art and a science; it’s a delicate combination that needs to be balanced. By asking yourself these questions, it will help to guide you as you develop your new document.


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