Do you ever wonder how some people get so “lucky” with their job search? They just seem to find the right job at the right time and basically fall into the perfect opportunity. However, that is (most often) NOT the case. Behind the scenes, these job seekers have put in hard work, determination, and have been extremely organized during the job search. Read below for five ways to increase your “luck” while you look for a new job.

#1 – Keep your resume up-to-date. Sometimes, the ideal job may present itself and you have to be ready. If a recruiter contacts you and tells you about a job opening, do you really want to tell him or her that you can send a resume within a week? No! You should keep your resume updated and be able to send it within 24 hours. (Need resume tips? Download my FREE checklist!)

#2 – Maintain your LinkedIn profile. Organizations often seek out new employees via LinkedIn and you don’t want your profile to show only the bare bones of your work experience. If you have publications, projects, or work you can showcase on your profile, then do it. Make sure you have a picture uploaded, a catchy headline, and achievements that can quantify your work. (Connect with me HERE on LinkedIn – tell me you read this post!)

#3 – Clean up your social media profiles. While LinkedIn is your professional online presence, keep in mind that others (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) may show fun photos of your family and personal life; however, these photos can also give employers hesitation when reaching out to you.  Delete anything that doesn’t serve you well in your job search and be certain that anything you put on your social media channels is something that you feel comfortable with EVERYONE seeing.

#4 – Stay organized. Keep track of where and when you have applied for job opportunities. Follow-up with these companies if you don’t hear anything within 7-10 days. If you land an interview, follow-up immediately with a thank you email and then send a card in the mail. These little things can add up to a big impact if you DO THEM.

#5 – Tell (trusted) people you are on the job hunt. Reach out to your network and tell them you are open to a new opportunity. Use the rapport you have built within your industry and within professional associations to secure that new job. While you may have to keep your job search somewhat quiet, this is the time to use that network you have built to cultivate a job within your field.

The next time you think that someone just got “lucky” with his or her job search, think again. While you may see the end success, it is far more likely that the person has put in a great deal of work ahead of landing that new successful job.

If YOU are ready for a job search, contact me today – I’d love to help you reach your job goals!