So, you have a LinkedIn profile and it’s ‘out there’ for everyone to see. How can you make your LinkedIn profile more engaging and dynamic? Is there a way to add some sense of ‘importance’ or ‘relevance’ to your skills? If you are interested in making your LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest, I highly suggest asking for recommendations.

Before you ask for recommendations on LinkedIn, think about whom you want to ask. Do you want to ask everyone you know or have ever worked with for an endorsement? Probably not. I recommend making a list of current and former co-workers, supervisors, and customers that can attest to your work ethic, dependability, and work performance. Do not ask all co-workers, all friends, or all suppliers for positive feedback. Be sure to have a variety of endorsements from various viewpoints; this will show potential contacts and employers that you have an ability to work well with a diverse group of people.

And, consider the writing skills of the people you are asking for endorsements. Although you can review the recommendation before it goes public, consider how awkward it may be to have to re-write an endorsement given to you. Also, please realize that some people will want a recommendation in return for the one they give to you.
Finally, be specific about your recommendation requests. Instead of saying that you would like a general recommendation of your work, be precise about your needs. For example, for my business, Feather Communications, I may write something similar to the following:  “Could you recommend me based upon my communication and presentation abilities?” This will give the person a starting point for providing the recommendation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. However, be careful and deliberate when selecting recommendation providers. Recommendations add relevance and build your reputation on your LinkedIn profile.