Many of my clients are worried about the interview process simply because they have not been through it for several years. In fact, I met with a gentleman last week that asked if I knew anyone who could help him practice his interview skills. Actually, that is one of the services I offer through Feather Communications.

First, I start off by sending clients a list of ‘typical’ interview questions. Beware – this is not a comprehensive list and by no means includes ALL questions you may be asked. In fact, this list encompasses the generic questions that many businesses ask as a way to get to know you. Questions such as “Why are you a good candidate for this position?” and “How do you see yourself fitting within our company?” are very commonplace. The point of this list is to get job candidates thinking of potential questions and how they can answer them.

Next, I work with clients in a neutral setting and we complete a mock interview. The mock interview is a great way for the applicant to work out jitters and develop self-confidence. We start right at the beginning – from the initial handshake to the final closing. Going through a mock interview process is a great way for the candidate to see areas for improvement.

Finally, after we complete the mock interview, I go through the results with the candidate. We discuss things that went well and what can be improved for the real job interview. Typically, eye contact, self-assurance, and confident answers can always be improved.

The mock interview is a great time for the candidate to practice an interviewing skill they feel has been lost or forgotten. And, at the core of the process, is the idea that anyone can have a good interview experience, as long as the candidate is prepared, has researched the organization, and is ready to shine.