Feather Communications and Manpower Sponsor Career Connection Workshop

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin (May 17, 2013) – Feather Communications and Manpower recently collaborated to sponsor a Career Connection Workshop.

The free event, hosted at Camille’s Sidewalk Café in Lake Hallie, assisted job seekers with resume guidelines and suggestions, addressed commonly asked interview questions, and discussed the importance of networking when job searching. “My goal is to help individuals craft professional documents that help set them apart from other applicants,” Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, owner of Feather Communications and a Certified Professional Resume Writer, said.

Attendees also learned about the benefits of working with a professional recruiter and discovering ways to identify transferable skills. Presently there are many professionals in the area who are actively and passively looking for new professional placement opportunities and as a global leader in the world of work, Manpower has positioned itself to create a platform for professional job seekers. “Manpower offers a variety of services to both businesses and job seekers. Our goals through the professional division are to maintain a talent pipeline, appropriately match high level talent and help our clients meet their business needs,” Joan Prissel, Professional Placement Consultant with Manpower, explained.

If you would like more information about any of Manpower’s permanent placement, temporary or HR services, please contact Joan Prissel at 715-552-9124. And, if you are interested in a resume critique or need advice about your job search documents, contact Heather Rothbauer-Wanish at 715-559-6378.

About Manpower

Manpower is the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, creating and delivering high-impact solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitiveness. With over 60 years of experience, our company provides a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions that cover an entire range of talent-driven needs from recruitment and assessment, training and development, and career management, to outsourcing and workforce consulting. Manpower maintains the world’s largest and industry-leading network of nearly 3,600 offices in over 82 countries and territories, generating a dynamic mix of an unmatched global footprint with valuable insight and local expertise to meet the needs of its 400,000 clients per year.

About Feather Communications

Feather Communications is a local organization that assists job seekers with writing new resumes, cover letters, and other job-search related documents. Owner Heather Rothbauer-Wanish is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, the National Resume Writers’ Association, and is a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Heather has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, an MBA, and is pursuing her PhD in Organization and Management.


Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, Owner – Feather Communications


heather@feather-communications.com or 715.559.6378

Feather Communications Sponsors 1st Annual Survivor Dinner

On May 7, Feather Communications will sponsor the 1st Annual Survivor Dinner presented by Polka Dot Powerhouse. This event, designed to celebrate the human spirit, is the first of its kind in the Chippewa Valley and promises to be an inspirational event.

“I’m proud to be a sponsor of this dinner and look forward to meeting other survivors during the event,” Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, owner of Feather Communications, said. “Polka Dot Powerhouse has proven to be an inspirational, positive, and outgoing networking group that really concentrates on adding connections to people’s lives,” she continued.

During the Survivor Dinner, attendees will have a chance to see visual art, hear spoken word, and shop at vendor booths. “While I’m excited to showcase my business during the event, I’m even more excited to share in the resiliency of the human spirit and make lasting connections,” Rothbauer-Wanish concluded.

How Social Media Pays Off for Small Businesses

Most small business owners have little or no spare time. And, when I provide presentations to local chambers of commerce or other organizations, I always stress the importance of using social media as a tool to boost their businesses. And, at the same time, I feel like most small business owners in the audience are thinking one thing, “How am I going to find time to add that to my to-do list?” Well, I am here to tell you that you must find a way to do it.

Social media usage does pay off for small businesses. How do I know this? I am a small business owner myself—a small business owner without a multimillion dollar marketing budget. That means I have to be creative and smart when it comes to finding new clients and promoting my business. I have found that using social media has paid off – literally – in the form of dollars and cents. And, social media has allowed me the opportunity to promote my services throughout the country.

One example occurred with LinkedIn. Someone that was a ‘connection of a connection’ posted a status update that she was searching for a new freelance writer. I sent her a message via LinkedIn and told her about my business. My message was professional and included a link to my website. She contacted me and asked for an estimate. I was able to secure the account and recently completed my first article for the new company.

Another example includes following the appropriate people on Twitter. One of the people I follow hosts an online radio show and was seeking guests. I sent him a message mentioning my knowledge of human resources, resumes, and interview skills. On November 6, I was the featured guest Drive ThruHR! Not only did I get to discuss my services with an entirely new audience, but now I have an MP3 file that I can use on my website to promote my business.

Both examples have helped my business grow and prosper. And, more importantly to my own bottom line, neither of them had any out-of-pocket marketing expense. So, social media does pay off for small businesses. Join groups, follow people that may be able to assist you, and be willing to ask questions. The bottom line with social media is this: you need to pay attention to others’ needs. They are asking for your help – you just need to listen!

Preparing to Write Your Resume

After writing customized resumes and cover letters for hundreds of individuals, there is one thing I have found. No two clients are exactly the same. And, they shouldn’t be – after all, this is the client’s personal resume with individual information. Another big difference among all of my clients? The level of preparation varies greatly. With a few simple steps, preparing to write your resume doesn’t have to be a dreaded process. Organization is the key.

First, keep any job descriptions and job duties lists from previous jobs. When you are struggling to define exactly what you did in a previous position, these job descriptions can be very helpful. They tend to trigger your memory for key duties, responsibilities, and position goals.

Next, maintain a file with transcripts from your educational institutions. Most potential employers only require an unofficial transcript when applying for a position. However, many employers will require an official transcript upon hire or within a certain probationary period. I recommend keeping both an unofficial copy and an official copy at all times. If you have little professional experience, a transcript is a great way to find classes and other items you can place on the educational portion of your resume.

Finally, keep your letters of recommendation and reference listing close by when writing your resume. Letters of recommendation showcase your skills and abilities, areas that can be highlighted on your resume. And, consider what your references may say about you when a potential employer contacts him or her. Use these words as key words or phrases throughout your newly-created resume.

When it comes to your resume, I recommend keeping more information than necessary. This makes it much easier when trying to gather enough information to craft a well-written resume. Comment below and provide your best tip for preparing to write a resume – one lucky commenter will receive a package with free items from Feather Communications!

Cost Effective Marketing Ideas Make an Impact

As a sole proprietor, I understand when business owners feel like they can’t afford certain marketing activities. Funds are precious and limited. So, how do you grow your business? Is there a way to stretch those marketing dollars and get the most effective use of your hard-earned cash?

The answer is to be creative. And, when I say creative, I mean C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E. You have to think of ways to spread positive word-of-mouth about your business without eliminating all of the cash you have on-hand. Also, don’t be afraid to copy or modify those marketing techniques that you have seen; most marketing ideas can be modified to fit almost any budget. Below you will find several activities that I have done; fortunately, they have been well-received and continue to make an impact.

First idea: Print cards that contain your logo. I tend to call these “thank you” cards, but they can be used for so many different reasons. The cards that I have simply have my logo on the front and my contact information on the back; the inside of the card is completely blank. This gives me the freedom to use the cards as ‘thank you’ cards, ‘it was nice to meet you’ cards, or ‘I hope to see you soon,’ cards.

Second idea: Do the unexpected. I send Thanksgiving cards to all of my clients. How many of you receive Thanksgiving cards? My guess: not that many. And, that’s the point. Sending Thanksgiving cards allows my information to stand out among various vendors. Everyone sends Christmas or holiday cards; why not beat the rush and get your information there a month earlier? And, my Thanksgiving cards are simply my own printed cards with foam Thanksgiving stickers attached. This is a cost-effective marketing idea that works!

Third idea: Spend money on promotional ideas that actually get use. When I attended a local event this summer, it was hot outside. While pens and sticky notes are usually taken as free items, this year I handed out can coolers. In the hot July weather, these were a major hit. And, almost everyone drinking any drink during that event had a purple can cooler that said “Feather Communications.”

Finally, consider talking to others about what they have done in the past and what has worked for them. My cousin and her husband recently started Computer Restore, a computer repair and sales store in Eau Claire. When I worked with them to help develop marketing ideas and told them of the Thanksgiving cards and various events she could attend to promote the business, she was amazed at the amount of opportunity in the community. Find the opportunities in your own community and think of creative ways to spread your message. Small business owners need to realize that marketing does not have to cost a fortune to make an impact.

Building Rapport During a Job Interview

While it is important to talk about your accomplishments, achievements, and experience during an interview, it is important to build rapport with the interviewer. Even if you dazzle them with your qualifications, if you don’t have a likable personality, you are unlikely to get the job.

Building rapport requires two things: having a positive attitude and paying attention. First, you must have a positive attitude because this will come across during the interview. Don’t confuse being positive with being arrogant. A positive attitude means you know you can be a successful candidate for the position. You smile when you greet the receptionist, potential co-workers, and interviewer. You make an effort to be in a good mood, while ensuring you are not phony or over exaggerating.

Secondly, you must pay attention to your surroundings. I remember being in an interview and looking around the office space of the interviewer. Because we live in Wisconsin and hunting is a common hobby, he had a large deer head mount on his wall. I commented on it, showing an interest. I also deer hunt and my family has a long history of it. This immediately gave us something in common and an additional topic beyond the traditional interview conversation. If you are in the conference room and the company has an award certificate posted on the wall, ask about it. Or, better yet, tell the interviewer you read about the award in a recent newspaper article. Once again, this will show that you are paying attention to the company and have an interest in its well-being.

While your qualifications are important, building rapport is just as vital during the interview. Take the time to research the company, notice the surroundings, and show an interest in the organization. Your interview will be more successful and you will have a better opportunity to land that dream job.