Feather Communications Owner Chosen as Speaker for Polka Dot Powerhouse Annual Celebration

Feather Communications owner and Certified Professional Resume Writer, Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, has been chosen as a breakout speaker for the 2016 Polka Dot Powerhouse Annual Celebration in St. Charles, IL.

Polka Dot Powerhouse is a connection company that focuses on bringing together the world’s most positive, action-forward, and amazing business women. The organization primarily focuses on building relationships, rather than just business transactions among its members. The Annual Celebration is a two-day event that allows members from all of its chapters to come together for speakers, sponsors, and workshops. During the event, held in October 2016, Rothbauer-Wanish will present a session about overcoming obstacles and setting goals—in both your personal and professional life.

“I’m excited to provide this session and look forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained through business and personal challenges,” Rothbauer-Wanish said. “It’s important to share both the positive and negative experiences with owning a business. I’m hoping this presentation will share some of my own history, along with techniques and ideas for moving past those issues and finding ways to still be greatly successful,” she continued.

Rothbauer-Wanish has attended each of the Polka Dot Powerhouse Annual Celebration events. “I attended the conference for the first-time in 2013 and was extremely impressed with the collaborations and professionalism of the attendees. I’m looking forward to participating again this year,” she concluded.

Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish Chosen as Speaker for 2015 NRWA Conference

Feather Communications owner, Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, has been chosen as a breakout speaker for the 2015 National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The NRWA Conference is designed to provide advanced training and education about the latest trends, issues, and technologies impacting the career industry. The conference, held annually, caters to professional resume writers, career coaches, and educational institution placement professionals. During the conference, held in September 2015, Rothbauer-Wanish will present a session titled, “Top 10 Methods for Marketing Your Resume Business on a Budget.”

“I’m excited to provide this session and look forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained during my seven-year entrepreneurial journey,” Rothbauer-Wanish said. “Job seekers have many options when writing their resumes and I’ve been able to cultivate a resume client base through networking, consistent branding, and word-of-mouth referrals—I’ll be sharing some of these techniques during my presentation,” she continued.

Rothbauer-Wanish also provided a session during the 2014 NRWA Conference in Denver, Colorado. “I attended the conference for the first-time in 2014 and was extremely impressed with the collaborations and professionalism of the attendees. I’m looking forward to participating again this year,” she concluded.

For more information on resume writing, please contact Feather Communications at 715-559-6378 or email heather@feather-communications.com.

Feather Communications Owner Earns Ph.D. in Organization and Management

Feather Communications owner, Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, has earned her Ph.D. in Organization and Management with an Emphasis in Leadership from Capella University.

While obtaining her Ph.D. and throughout the dissertation process, Rothbauer-Wanish remained focused on leadership and how it helps organizations to propel forward within the marketplace. Her dissertation, ‘Leadership in Economic Development: An Ex-Post Facto Study,’ analyzed how various styles of leadership of Certified Economic Developers affected job growth within specific geographical areas. “It was extremely interesting to discover the role that leadership plays in the success or the failure of strategic goals,” she said.

As part of her business, Rothbauer-Wanish has delivered numerous presentations to local chambers of commerce, organizations, and networking groups. She is hoping to expand the workshop and teaching portion of her business to include seminars on leadership and management within the workplace. “I have always enjoyed teaching and now I am ready to utilize my education and personal experiences to help others achieve their leadership goals,” she said.

For more information on workshop opportunities, please contact Feather Communications at 715-559-6378 or email heather@feather-communications.com.

Endorsements versus Recommendations on LinkedIn

While providing LinkedIn workshops recently, several questions have come up again and again regarding endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn. While many of the workshop attendees appreciate being endorsed for certain skills, some are confused by the process. In fact, they are either being endorsed for things they may not even do, or they are confused as to why so many people are now endorsing them.

First, in my opinion, LinkedIn has added the endorsements option to make it easier for others to quickly say, “Yes, I think that you are pretty good at XYZ skill.” Endorsements are a quick way to add credibility to your skills, without asking too much from your connections. LinkedIn even provides them with suggestions for endorsement items. This will appear at the top of the screen each time someone logs into LinkedIn.

After you receive endorsements, they appear at the bottom of your profile as a list of specified skills, along with the associate profile photographs of those that endorse you for the particular item. This is a great visual for those that may be reviewing your profile. Someone may be able to quickly deduce that one of your top skills is “Public Speaking” simply be glancing through your endorsements at the bottom of the profile.

Now, even though endorsements are a way to leverage your expertise, LinkedIn provides an even better way to recognize your skills. Recommendations are written excerpts by connections that have worked with you in the past. In my opinion, recommendations are more meaningful than endorsements because they have been crafted by someone that has taken the time to create something unique for you. Rather than just a click of the mouse for an endorsement, a recommendation is something that is written exclusively to discuss your skills and accomplishments.

So, when given the option, a recommendation always means more than an endorsement. Although it may be more difficult to gather recommendations, they are worth far more than someone just clicking a mouse saying you are good at a particular skill. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. Think of it as asking someone to be a reference when you are job searching. And, be sure to ask someone that truly knows your skills and abilities. In the long run, these recommendations will lead to success on both your LinkedIn profile and in your professional life.

How Volunteering Can Help Your Business

When you own a small business, you are often short on time and money. Unfortunately, both of these things are required when starting, maintaining, or growing a business. And, when you have been in business for awhile, the calls start coming in to your office. Would you be able to assist with this event? How about sponsoring a community-based children’s festival? Can your business provide monetary donations to an upcoming benefit? And, you first thought is the following: “How am I going to fit that in to may already packed schedule?” The next thought is, “Why would I want to do that?”

Volunteering your services can greatly enhance your business. And, volunteering can mean many things. It can mean providing a monetary donation to a local event, speaking about your business to a civic organization, or providing a presentation to a local chamber of commerce. All of these methods have one thing in common: they allow for added visibility for your business. When someone calls Feather Communications and asks if the business will participate in volunteer work, my question is usually the same: “How could I potentially help?”

Does this mean that I take part in every volunteer or free opportunity? No – no business can possibly do that. However, it means that I do investigate to see if my business will be a good fit with the potential volunteer engagement. Not every opportunity is a match for my organization. And, if it’s not, I respectfully decline the opportunity.

Here is an example of how volunteering can really help grow your business. Recently, I was asked if I would make a presentation to a local chamber of commerce audience. The presentation had to do with social media and how to utilize it effectively. Because this is an area of business I want to promote, I decided to take the opportunity and made the presentation about a week ago. The chamber of commerce did not pay for the presentation; however, I knew that I would be meeting a variety of professionals throughout my area.

Since that non-paid presentation, I have worked with a company to set up its Facebook page and met with another attendee to revise and update her resume. Both of these jobs are paid. And, if both of these clients are happy, then they will tell others. In this way, volunteering your services and expertise truly does help your business grow. Furthermore, it raises your profile within the community and provides additional exposure for your business.

So, the next time someone asks you or your small business to participate in an event for free, strongly consider the possibilities that may come in the future. And, be sure to completely consider the opportunity when it presents itself.

Feather Communications and Manpower Sponsor Career Connection Workshop

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin (May 17, 2013) – Feather Communications and Manpower recently collaborated to sponsor a Career Connection Workshop.

The free event, hosted at Camille’s Sidewalk Café in Lake Hallie, assisted job seekers with resume guidelines and suggestions, addressed commonly asked interview questions, and discussed the importance of networking when job searching. “My goal is to help individuals craft professional documents that help set them apart from other applicants,” Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, owner of Feather Communications and a Certified Professional Resume Writer, said.

Attendees also learned about the benefits of working with a professional recruiter and discovering ways to identify transferable skills. Presently there are many professionals in the area who are actively and passively looking for new professional placement opportunities and as a global leader in the world of work, Manpower has positioned itself to create a platform for professional job seekers. “Manpower offers a variety of services to both businesses and job seekers. Our goals through the professional division are to maintain a talent pipeline, appropriately match high level talent and help our clients meet their business needs,” Joan Prissel, Professional Placement Consultant with Manpower, explained.

If you would like more information about any of Manpower’s permanent placement, temporary or HR services, please contact Joan Prissel at 715-552-9124. And, if you are interested in a resume critique or need advice about your job search documents, contact Heather Rothbauer-Wanish at 715-559-6378.

About Manpower

Manpower is the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, creating and delivering high-impact solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitiveness. With over 60 years of experience, our company provides a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions that cover an entire range of talent-driven needs from recruitment and assessment, training and development, and career management, to outsourcing and workforce consulting. Manpower maintains the world’s largest and industry-leading network of nearly 3,600 offices in over 82 countries and territories, generating a dynamic mix of an unmatched global footprint with valuable insight and local expertise to meet the needs of its 400,000 clients per year.

About Feather Communications

Feather Communications is a local organization that assists job seekers with writing new resumes, cover letters, and other job-search related documents. Owner Heather Rothbauer-Wanish is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, the National Resume Writers’ Association, and is a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Heather has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, an MBA, and is pursuing her PhD in Organization and Management.


Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, Owner – Feather Communications


heather@feather-communications.com or 715.559.6378