Last year, I had the absolute pleasure of presenting a seminar at the Women’s Business Conference in Eau Claire. This year, I am pleased to be a sponsor of the event, as well as an exhibitor. The event takes place on Thursday, April 21 at the Plaza Hotel and includes a pre-conference networking event on Wednesday, April 20.

You may wonder why a communications/writing/marketing firm may exhibit at an event such as this. Well, I can give you a few reasons and yes, one of them is to gain additional business. But, in my opinion, it is so much more than that.

  1. Networking. These events offer a wonderful opportunity for networking and meeting people. Did you know that at last year’s event I met someone from the twin cities? She owns a business that provides artwork and artful solutions for hospitals, dental offices, corporate headquarters, and other businesses. It turns out that she needs press releases and articles written for her business. We have worked together on several project since last April. And, it all began by sitting at the same table during the lunch event at the Women’s Business Conference.
  2. Sources. When you are a writer, knowing sources for your stories is extremely helpful. I met a number of people last year that have turned into sources for stories. Many business owners are proud to share their expertise and look forward to being featured in an article or publication.
  3. It’s Fun. Yes, it is fun. As a business-owner myself, I love to see all of the businesses that are started by women. Meeting these women and learning of their successes makes me truly believe in the power of being positive and of living your dream.


So, if you are planning to come to the Women’s Business Conference in April, be sure to stop at the Feather Communications table. If you haven’t thought about attending this event before, I encourage you to do so. You won’t regret it.