On Tuesday, March 15, Feather Communications will present a seminar at the Western Dairyland Business Center in downtown Eau Claire. This presentation will cover LinkedIn and the vital importance it can have for your business and personal connections.

The title of the seminar, “Networking Successfully with LinkedIn,” tells the story of the presentation. In order to network successfully with LinkedIn, you have to use it. Simply being on the site is not enough. The session will cover why LinkedIn is important and the vitality that networking brings to your life. Attendees will see an example profile and learn how to build their own profile. Topics covered will include updating your status, joining groups, and connecting with people. Those who attend this presentation will also receive a handout they will complete during class; the handout will assist attendees with planning their LinkedIn profile.

Much of my business has come via social networking sites, including LinkedIn. This seminar is perfect for those individuals who do not have a LinkedIn profile or maybe have one and have not used it to its full extent. Join us for this worthwhile event and learn how to harness the power of social networking through LinkedIn. I hope to see you there!