So, you may have decided that a press release is a fantastic idea for your company. It’s free, it’s fairly easy to send to media contacts, and it’s a good way to promote your business. Now comes the tough part. What are you going to write about?

Many clients say, “I don’t really have anything significant to tell people.” And, it’s true that you don’t want to bombard local media contacts with press releases about insignificant topics. When it comes to a press release, quality trumps quantity. However, I often find that businesses have more to share with readers than what they may originally believe. Sometimes it takes an outside source to find these key ideas and develop a press release that is newsworthy. And, that is where Feather Communications can assist businesses.

Here are some questions I generally ask clients:

  • Does your company have an anniversary in the near future?
  • Have you recently hired a new salesperson or a new personnel manager?
  • Do you have a new service or product that was just released?
  • Is your company newly-certified in a particular expertise area?

Sometimes just asking the above questions will allow clients a chance to reflect upon the recent occurrences in the business. This will help ideas flow and soon you will find your press release topic.

Other ideas include the following:

  • Articles recently published about you or your company
  • Open house, ribbon cutting ceremony, or other publicized event
  • Special sales promotion for customers
  • Upcoming tradeshow or conference where your company will be exhibiting

Remember—it is your job to promote your company—no one else will do it for you. Asking questions, critically thinking about your business, planning events, and jump-starting your creativity will allow you to find that next press release topic. It could be the topic that lands you in the local media, adding to additional contacts, knowledgeable customers, and a growing client base.