For most people, the idea of working on a resume is less than appealing and may even bring a sense of dread. However, it is much easier to have an updated and accurate resume when you continually update you update the document on a regular basis.

Why is this important? If an unexpected job opportunity arises, you will need to have your resume available to the potential employer. It is much easier to keep a resume up-to-date than to start from the beginning once every few years when you decide to conduct a job search.

First, plan to review the electronic copy of your resume every three to six months. Setting a timeline is an easier way to keep track of your information and to hold yourself accountable for the modifications. It is also a good idea to print your resume each time you make a change. Saving this hard copy will ensure you have a back-up in case the electronic file becomes corrupt or lost.

Secondly, update your resume after any education is completed. This could include earning a bachelors degree, professional certificate, or attending a seminar. At this point, it is a good idea to list all education. If you apply for a particular job and some of the education is no longer pertinent, then it can be removed at that later date.

Next, add any new job titles as they occur in your career. Even if you are at the same company, if your title changes, you need to reflect that change on your resume. Moving ahead within a company shows longevity, initiative, and a hard-working attitude.

Finally, it is a good idea to add tasks, job duties, and other relevant information as you experience it in the workplace. When I write a resume for clients, I ask for EVERYTHING they did while on-the-job. While much of this information may not appear on the final document, I would rather work with too much information than too little information.

Keeping your resume up-to-date and accurate is a simple way to ensure you are ready for any exciting job opportunity that may come your way. Schedule a time to review your resume and make those changes now – your dream job could be just ahead!