Do you know the power of thank you? I thought I did, but recently I realized that saying thank you does really  mean a lot to people–especially clients.

I tend to send thank you notes to all of my clients, whether they are individual clients that needed a resume or a business that needed a press release. A handwritten thank you note is something that most people do not see in today’s busy world. It makes your company stand out among the competition.

Even when I send e-mails to clients, I typically begin with something that includes, “Thank you for choosing Feather Communications for your business writing needs…” A recent client from New York City commented that it was so nice that I always started my e-mail communication with the words “thank you.” This was interesting to me, because I had never thought twice about saying thank you to any of my clients. I am thankful for them and for their business. However, it was so out-of-the-ordinary for this particular client that she took time to comment on it.

So, remember those two little words in your life and in your business communication. Although it may seem like a small gesture, communicating that you are grateful may mean more than you will ever know.