Recently, I was asked to become a member of the Down Syndrome Footprint Board of Directors. What an honor! I am excited to join a company that is dedicated to the awareness, empowerment, and employment of those with Down syndrome.

After I was asked to join this group, I decided to send a press release to several local publications, newspapers and Chambers of Commerce. My theory with sending the press release was that it would be great publicity for Down Syndrome Footprint and it would also tell people about my business, Feather Communications.

When I wrote the press release, I was careful to be very specific about the reason for writing it. The title read, “Feather Communications Owner Joins Down Syndrome Footprint Board of Directors.” However, when I sent the press release to my hometown newspaper, the Colfax Messenger, I titled it, “Colfax-Based Business Owner Joins Down Syndrome Footprint Board of Directors.” It is important to make the press release directly connected to the media outlet.

I sent the press release on a Thursday and it was already printed on Sunday. Press releases do work. Be sure they are timely, have meaning to the media outlet, outline specific details, and include a picture. The picture draws more attention to the press release and it allows for more recognition with your company.

The next time your company has interesting news, the owner joins a new organization, a certification is achieved, or a milestone has been reached, consider sending a press release. Press releases offer free publicity and a way for your company to be in the news and, perhaps, BE the news.