Imagine that you have just completed a job interview and it went fairly well. You are happy with your answers and are hopeful for a positive phone call from the prospective employer. Instead of waiting for that phone call and hoping for the best, you can do one more thing to make yourself stand out from the rest of the interviewees—send a thank you note to the interviewer.

Sending a thank you note to the potential employer serves two purposes. First, it illustrates your good manners and shows that you appreciate the time the interviewer gave to you. The second purpose of the thank you is to put your name in front of the employer one more time. If you are one of three people interviewed and you are the only interviewee that sends a thank you note, your name may jump to the top of the employee pile.

Many people wonder what to include in the thank you note. The key is to be concise and positive in your approach. Utilize the information below to craft a basic thank you letter that could be sent via e-mail and improve your chances at landing your dream job.


Dear {insert interviewer name}:

Thank you for taking time to meet with me on Monday, January xx. It was a pleasure to learn more about you and your organization.

Our meeting further piqued my interest in {insert name of organization}. The organization’s past achievements and successes prove that the business is poised for the future. My qualifications are a perfect match with the direction of the company. As a dedicated, professional, and forward-thinking employee, I know I could bring additional leadership to your team.

Once again, please note that I am extremely interested in the {insert position title} position. If you have any additional questions about my skills, abilities, and qualifications, please contact me at {insert phone number}. Thank you and I look forward to your positive response!


{insert your name}