If you have had the interview of your dreams and just know you will get a phone call from the company, that’s great. However, the job seeking process is not over yet. Even though you may have shone like a superstar during the interview, you should still follow up with the employer. Never assume that the job interview itself is enough.

So, why is follow up the key to your future job success? The answer is because it keeps you in the mind of the employer. It is best to send a follow up card or letter within 48 hours after the interview. Imagine the interviewer receiving a thank you card from the interviewee and then looking through the stack of resumes to match up the resume and the cover letter. This gives you one more “glance” and provides one more “review” of your information.

Now, imagine that you are one of three people being considered for a position. If the other two candidates provide a thank you card or follow up letter and you do not, then you are at an immediate disadvantage. You will have one less “look” from the potential employer. A thank you card or note is a simple, easy way to ensure you will remain in the forefront of the employment picture.

What do you write in a follow up note? Keep it simple. Say something like the following:

“Thank you for meeting with me regarding the XYZ position within your company. As we discussed, my qualifications and your needs for this position are an appropriate match. My interest in the job opening has been peaked even further by our discussion. Please contact me if you have any additional questions about my abilities to fulfill this position. I look forward to hearing from you.”

The thank you card does not take much time to complete nor should it be complicated. Take the time to complete this important step and you will greatly enhance your post-interview success.