If you have a list of satisfied clients, that is terrific! If that list sits in a drawer and you review it now and then, it can make you feel good about your business and yourself. But, other than a feel-good “pick-me-up,” you are probably getting very little from these “good” news items. Now, what if there was a way to leverage that list for even more potential power?

Why not utilize these thrilled, ecstatic, and beyond-satisfied customers in the form of a testimonial? You can also think of this as a recommendation or a reference—either way the compliments of one customer can mean a great deal to a potential new client. Knowing/seeing/hearing that other clients are happy with the work you do can mean the difference between landing a new account or seeing it go to the competition.

Here are two examples of testimonials I have received from past business clients:

” Feather Communications has provided our business with press releases, website materials, and product descriptions.  Heather’s work is always timely and well done. I would strongly recommend Ms. Wanish to all of my personal and business connections that want a job well done at a reasonable price.  Thank you for your great work! – Katia Hauser, Founder/President – Down Syndrome Footprint

“Heather is always ready and willing to tackle any topic we throw at her and her enthusiasm for being a part of our publication has been awesome. Well-versed and eager to research topics and interview people, she adds a quality to the magazine that we didn’t have before she came along. We are happy she is a part of our team!  Arwen Rasmussen, Editor/Publisher – Second Opinion Magazine

So, how have I utilized these testimonials? I have used them on my website and in my brochures. Furthermore, they have been wonderful to have when future clients have asked for references or examples from previous clients. In addition to showing them an article I have written, I will also include the testimonial from the appropriate editor/client.

And, if you have been a superb vendor to a client, they are usually more than happy to provide a testimonial. In fact, I have found that clients are happy to help another business owner by doing this. Don’t be afraid to ask for a testimonial. If you have done a great job working with someone, why not let more people know about it? After all, if you don’t “toot your own horn,” who will?