Late summer has been a whirlwind of activity for Feather Communications. In August, we were fortunate to travel to Washington, DC. Then, two weeks later, we completed our annual week-long fishing trip to northern Ontario, Canada. August involved an equal amount of vacation and work time. And, it has been GREAT for business!

Why? Going on a vacation allows you to rejuvenate, regenerate, and focus on what is really important in your life. It allows you to go back to your WHY – realizing why you have chosen this unique life of an entrepreneur. If you can’t take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, then why you are bothering with your career?

First, a vacation enhances your performance. Because our bodies and minds need rest, time away from the office allows for some of this rest. Even though family vacations and group getaways can become hectic with busy schedules, they are still (typically) more relaxing than a day in the office. In addition, the time away from the office provides you with a fresh mind-set and perspective upon your return.

Next, time outside of your normal routine can provide a venue for creativity. Without the standard desk, computer, and four walls of your office, you may find that new ideas come to you more clearly and you may see things that offer sparks of inspiration for future projects. Taking photos on your vacation and reviewing them at particular intervals can also provide chances for imagination to flourish and grow.

Finally, unplugging from technology can help your mind reset. When we travel to Canada, approximately 12 hours north of our home, we are completely off-the-grid. While there is electricity at the cabin we rent, the electricity is strictly from a generator. And, although the main lodge does have Internet access, I choose to ignore that and simply enjoy the time away with my son, husband, and the wild wilderness of northern Canada.

So, if you are even considering taking a vacation and are worried about your business, keep this in mind—a vacation may be just what your business needs to move forward with creativity, focus, and excitement for the future.