When I meet someone for a resume consultation, I ask them many questions: What are your qualifications? Can you tell me about your expertise areas? Can you explain why you left your last job? What did you do in your previous positions?

The one question that always makes people stop-and-think is the following: What is your dream job? I ask that question because that typically helps me find the client’s strengths. Most dream jobs involve the things that you excel in. And, it is amazing to me that many people have a difficult time defining their dream job.

I recommend that everyone take some time and write down some notes on a piece of paper. What are your strengths? What do you enjoying working on? Do you like to be around people or are you more solitary? Do you need strong guidance or do you work better on your own? Take these answers and cultivate them into your dream job. Then, write your resume accordingly.

Obviously, your dream job will most likely not just fall into your hands. However, the more you visualize it and write down your goals, the closer you can get to this dream job. For example, I have always enjoyed writing and decided to start a freelance writing business. When I started, I couldn’t rely on this ‘dream job’ for a steady income, so I continued working my full-time job as well. However, five years later, I am slowly turning my writing business into my main source of income. I also teach business courses at several local colleges to supplement that income, but both jobs have turned out to be my dream jobs: writing and teaching.

So, the next time you need to update your resume, think about your dream job and what you would love to do. Use those skills, thoughts, and ideals to help craft a resume that epitomizes you as a unique person. After all, it is this uniqueness that will often get you hired.