People often ask me why I started Feather Communications and how (in the world!) I can enjoy writing so much that I would begin a company based upon it. To be honest, it has worked out quite well—I like to do something few others like to do—and I can get paid for it. It is honestly my dream job.

Because I write articles for many different publications, I am fortunate enough to learn about various topics. From learning about clothesline bans, celebrating local women entrepreneurs, focusing on home building tasks, and a story about locally grown food, I have met many wonderful people.

However, a recent story that I wrote focused on domestic violence and how it can affect people; it appeared in the June edition of Her Impressions magazine. This is one of the most memorable stories I have written in the three years I have operated Feather Communications. The story focused on local shelters, how they help domestic violence victims, warning signs of domestic abuse, and how to help someone that is being victimized.

The story took a very personal turn when I was able to correspond with someone that had been abused in a previous relationship. Although I never met the woman in person, I felt that I got to know her through the intimate details she shared. She was willing to share her story simply because she wanted to help any other victim that felt like there was no way out of the situation.

Writing this story and seeing it published reminded me why I write articles. Writing is an individual task, after the writer has gathered all pertinent information. However, I write because I like the sharing portion of the job; I’m hopeful that an article such as this will help readers and may give domestic violence victims a chance to see they are not alone.

Although I get paid for writing, the simple knowledge of knowing I have helped someone with a story means more to me than a paycheck. It means I have (however small) made a difference in someone’s life. If you get the opportunity to read the article, please do so. I promise you will be touched by the story. Section: Her Impressions June 2011