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You have your resume all ready to go – it’s professional and aligned with the desired job opportunity. In fact, you have also developed a really fantastic cover letter outlining why you are the perfect candidate for this position. You are excited to send it. Then, it hits you. Who do you address it to? […]

While looking online for your next job opportunity, many people get frustrated, exhausted from the search, or fed-up with the long application process. And, sometimes when you send your resume via an online site, you may feel like the documents have fallen into a deep Internet abyss. Yes, in today’s economy, searching online for job […]

As a job seeker, it is likely that you have experienced several interviews, been nervous about how to present yourself, and wondered the likelihood of actually landing the position. Whether you are interviewing at a manufacturing facility, fast-food restaurant, family-owned business, or well-known company, YOU (the interviewee) have probably been asked this question, “Do you […]

If you are working on your resume, it is important to position yourself as if you were reading it from the employer perspective. Instead of thinking, “What can this job do for my career?” – think more about “What can I possibly bring to this employer?” It is the answers to the second question that […]

Now that you have decided to update your resume, you need to ensure all the details are correct and appropriate for today’s job market. Once you gather the necessary information, including places of employment and achievements, it is time to start thinking about how to include dates on your document. Depending upon your age, experience […]

As you piece together the information on your resume, you may start to wonder where that information needs to go. Should you include your qualifications at the top of the document or is that better left for the end? And, do you include your contact information on each page? But, the question I am asked […]

As you start to piece together all of the information for your resume, you may become overwhelmed with dates of employment, responsibilities at each position, and achievements while working for others. However, keep in mind that a resume shouldn’t simply be a detailed list of your work history. Oftentimes, people forget to include additional information—information […]

So, you’re about to send your resume out into the abyss that is known as today’s job search market. Rather than hope and cross your fingers that someone (maybe even a human being) will see your information, why not make your resume information stand out when you design it. And, you need to know what […]

As you start to design your new resume for today’s marketplace, you may be worried about all of the items you need to include in the document. From education to professional experience, you want to ensure you cover it all to land that next great job opportunity. However, there are certain things that should NOT […]